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Hill Jill Saldana Haim Barbara Boxer Anita Lansing Sherry Zoe d81wdSqz

PHOENIX – Police body cam footage shows Gov. Doug Ducey’s 19-year-old son being remorseful and respectful while getting arrested for using a fake driver’s license to enter a Valley bar last month.

Lansing Hill Haim Sherry Barbara Boxer Jill Saldana Anita Zoe When questioned, Joe Ducey can be heard admitting that he used a fake ID to get into Boondocks Patio & Grill in Old Town Scottsdale and repeatedly calling officers “sir.”

According to the Scottsdale Police report, Ducey was in possession of a forged South Carolina driver’s license just before 1 a.m. on the morning of Dec. 16.

Lansing Zoe Haim Barbara Jill Anita Boxer Saldana Sherry Hill A security guard at the night club had detained Ducey and turned him over to police on the scene, the report said.

In the blurry video, Ducey promised the officer he would head straight home if cited and released.

“Sir trust me. I know the mistake I made tonight and I will not make that again,” he said.

The arresting officer, identified in the police report as Zachary Jasperson, told Ducey he’d have to tell his father what happened after being released, “because your dad is who he is.”

“Because even if we choose to go that route and you’re not physically arrested, I’m sure that somebody is going to search in the morning and find your name and it’s going to come up,” the officer said.

The report said Ducey smelled of alcohol but did not appear to be overly intoxicated and noted that he was apologetic.

The incident ended when the officer gave Ducey a citation for using a false ID and released him.

Ducey is scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 15.

In a statement, the governor said his son would “face the same legal and family consequences as any other 19-year-old in this circumstance would, and we will handle this the same way any other Arizona family would.”