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The United States is a federal republic consisting of more than 50 states.  The American government leads the strict policy about when today’s youth should start consuming alcohol and can officially attend  night parties. All young Americans must wait till 21 years age. They are not allowed visiting pubs and nightclubs or buy any alcoholic beverages until they come of age.  This rule is strictly observed.

Hi, guys! It is hype now to buy a fake ID, almost 50% of  American students have ever ordered false documents online. There are several various purposes, such as buying of alcohol, casino playing, going to strip joints and nightclubs. Some guys even want to call prostitutes.

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Therefore, a fake identity card is a very popular purchase for most greenies who are under 21-years old. It helps them a lot to open forbidden doors. When we are too young, one of our dreams is to get the same benefits as adults. Remember, as a kid you wanted to grow up as quickly as possible to see the world of adult life. A purchase of a fake ID card will give you access to nightlife. Today you can directly place an order over the Internet. Lots of stores offer a large selection of fake IDs from the different United States. The pricing range varies widely.

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I am already an experienced person who is happy to share my story. We will find out how and where to purchase a fake ID in California.


FAKE California id cards are made of PVC vinyl. Each card has many levels of protection like a barcode and a hologram where is the basic info about the holder. It’s better to order a fake ID in a different state than where you are going to use. If you decide to buy California FAKE card, it’s not worth using it right on there. The staff working in bars knows very well how it should look like, and they can immediately reveal your deception at once that your documents are false, especially in case with poor quality card. Note that all the id cards will be scannable. Therefore, I advise ordering it in a neighbouring state. But in that case, you must be prepared to be aware of some ‘native conditions’ about California or another state where are you about to buy an ID. It will help you in any confusing situation that my friend was stuck. He went to the famous nightclub with a fake ID that he got in a nearby state, where the bouncer started throwing questions at him regarding his state. Bless God, my buddy looked that info up in advance, smart guy.


Newsletter About About About Newsletter About Orcid Text Orcid Newsletter Newsletter Text Text Newsletter Text Orcid Orcid It’s time to say about buying a fake ID on the Internet. There are a plenty of many websites that offer their services of producing and delivering fake California IDs at any state of the United State. The majority of manufacturers are located in China, but some of them are placed in Europe and even right here in the US. Who do you think is famous for the lower quality of the product? Chinese ones, as usual. Be careful with making an order from them.

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I spent 9 days on learning the online offers and customer references about the ID’s stores. I’ve ordered several cards on the different websites in order to check the quality of ID cards and service in general.


  1. I got started with About Newsletter Orcid Text Newsletter Text About About Newsletter Orcid Orcid Text Newsletter Text About Orcid Newsletter chfake.com website that didn’t respond to me at all. There were no payment methods except for western union. This is ridiculous! It seemed like no one had ordered there before since I didn’t find any comments from past customers. I have concluded that this seller is not reliable, it looks like a scam.
  2. Another one idgood.ph turned out to be a bit better than the previous. I managed to receive a new fake California ID within 10 days after placing the order, but the quality was terribly bad. They used wrong font, letters were blurred, and background tone was chosen incorrectly. However, I was attracted by quite low pricing there so I decided to examine this seller. Guys, I do not advise you to order on the website. I guess it’s gonna be impossible to get into somewhere or buy alcohol with this poor-quality ID card. People would rather laugh, when they see this card, than take it for real one!
  3. The next checked website was idhurry.com. My fake ID of the California state came in a week. What’s more, they provide every order with confidential delivery. In my case, the ID card was carefully hidden in the photo frame. I paid for it with cryptocurrency bitcoin that took less than 5 minutes. This company makes high-quality fake California state IDs that is even impossible to distinguish from the original one. I really liked this store, it’s ease of use and has simple navigation through the website.

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  1. The last online service, that I looked at, was already21.com. They delivered a new fake California state ID to my place after a week. I really liked the quality that was excellent. All the information about the holder was correct and understandable. My new ID has a scannable magnetic stripe and the bar code. I think this store claims to be at the top of my list! I can’t say the same about the pricing part. This option is suitable for youngsters who wanna buy a good fake identity card asap, and it is really important that the level of quality was very high. Despite the expensive price, it is worth buying.


Summarizing, I totally recommend taking a proper look at all the websites in advance. There are many scams on the Internet. Be careful and avoid them. Read customer reviews, go through the left comments, and look fully at other info about the company that you have already chosen.

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